Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service

A vehicle air conditioning system working correctly makes for a safer and more comfortable driving experience. Trust your auto air conditioning repair and service to the pros at California Car Care.

Here are items to consider when thinking about your auto air conditioning repair:

  • When new, your A/C will work as well as the manufacturer intended.
  • Given time, the air conditioning system can gradually deteriorate to an unacceptable level.
  • An air conditioning system should ideally be serviced once a year. Therefor, don’t hesitate to call California Car Care for your yearly auto air conditioning service.
  • You will get the best out of your air conditioning system if it is used all year round. Because of this, condensation within the vehicle is reduced.

What will happen if I don’t take care of my auto air conditioning?

  • When an air conditioning system is switched on after a period of inactivity, harmful bacteria can be vented into the vehicle.
  • Without air conditioning repair bacteria can produce flu like symptoms resulting in an unpleasant driving experience.

What can California Car Care do for your Auto Air Conditioning Repair?

  • We provide full service, re-charge and repairs for air conditioning on all makes and models.
  • Auto Air Conditioning Repair is an essential part of your car’s yearly maintenance.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair
A/C Services Provided:

  • Freon Recharge – Don’t let your freon run low! This is a crucial part of auto air conditioning repair
  • Leak Detection – We can find the auto air conditioning leak and fix it.
  • A/C Compressors
  • Condensers
  • Receiver/Dryers
  • Actuator Valves
  • Contaminated Freon Evacuation/Re-Charge
  • Retro-Fits, Conversions from R-12
  • R-134 Conversions
  • A/C System Diagnostics

uto Air Conditioning Repair Service

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